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NCB is not your typical financial institution. We have an uncommon mandate to ensure our efforts benefit those most in need. We have provided more than $5.5 billion in capital to support underserved communities and cooperative expansion initiatives.  Our impact is all thanks to your investment in NCB.


In 2015, NCB committed $290 million to initiatives serving low and moderate income communities in the following impact sectors:

Housing- $170.3 million for housing cooperatives, unit loans and affordable housing initiatives nationwide.

Community Development & Expansion:  $56.1 million to finance commercial real estate in low and moderate income areas and organizations focused on economic development. 

Renewable Energy- $33.8 million to fund solar energy systems serving low to moderate income communities.

Food- $10.1 million to expand access to healthy food in low and moderate income communities.

Small Business- $9.5 million to help small businesses thrive including our participation in the SBA loan program.

Alaska/Native Organizations- $2.0 million to support businesses owned by Native Organizations.  

Investments & Grants- $8.4 million to support entities serving low to moderate income communities and new cooperative development.