Community Development Lending

As a recognized leader in community lending, NCB  has deployed over $5 billion to serve socially responsible organizations nationwide with a specific focus on affordable housing, healthcare, education and non profit organizations. 

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing is a challenge facing many communities.  NCB’s focus is on how the cooperative model can help keep homeownership affordable for the working class and underserved.  We focus on both providing conventional loan programs to help existing cooperatives as well as developing new housing alternatives through shared equity models.

Community Health Care
Nonprofit community clinics and health centers are America’s healthcare safety net.  They have a crucial mission – to deliver quality care to low-income and uninsured families.  But, as the number of patients seeking their services continues to rise, the challenges health centers face are great.   NCB provides solutions that successfully preserve and expand affordable health care and behavioral care for low- income families across the country.

Education Our work in the education sector focus on charter school finance.  As a  lender for over 15 years, we use our expertise to create programs that allow us to successfully finance our nation’s charter schools.

Long-Term Care America is witnessing an unprecedented boom in the ranks of the elderly.  This translates into a growing need for more care options.  We are a leader on a number of fronts, focusing on innovative new models in support of revolutionizing traditional nursing care, making assisted living affordable and creating alternative housing options for residents who want to maintain their independent lifestyles for as long as possible.