NCB Launches SMART Savers Program at Local Elementary Schools

Hillsboro, OH (December 28, 2010) — NCB, FSB (NCB) a federally chartered savings bank is actively engaging local youth throughout Southern Ohio in financial literacy by launching a SMART Savers program.  Students in grades first through fifth at Blanchester and Fayetteville-Perry Schools are able to open a SMART Savers Savings Account and then on their lunch hour during designated bank days, NCB representatives will be at their schools to accept deposits.  

“Studies have shown early lessons in financial responsibility and education makes a lasting impression on children as they move into adulthood. At NCB we are committed to helping our future customers become savvy savers,” states Deb Jones, NCB Co-President, Ohio Region.  

The SMART Savers program offers students a savings account that is designed for children 18 years of age and under.  Through this program, the savings account offers students no minimum balance and they will earn interest on the money they have saved.  In addition, once they reach $10.00 in their account, NCB will deposit an additional $10.00 to help boost their savings.  

 For more information on this program or to open an account, visit a NCB branch in Hillsboro, Fayetteville, Blanchester, or Wilmington, online at, or by phone at (800) 322-1251.