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NCB Capital Impact-Reporting and Compliance Manager

Position:  NCB Capital Impact-Reporting and Compliance Manager

Location:  Crystal City, VA

Nature & Scope:  The Reporting and Compliance Manager will oversee and manage the reporting and compliance requirements of the organization.  Work with lending, grants and contracts and finance to manage a thorough and precise accounting of all requirements and ensure that all reporting and compliance requirements to all third parties are completed accurately, timely, and submitted to the proper party.  To be successful in this position, the person must be able to establish processes, dates and ticklers much like a project management approach to work.  The person needs to be attentive to detail, be experienced with Excel, be able to read legal documents and determine requirements, understand the importance of accuracy and completeness and be able to work across all teams to gather required information, assemble, review and submit within required timeframes.  This function will benefit from the implementation of Salesforce and this position is responsible for ensuring that data is moved to that system accurately and completely and that, going forward, Salesforce will be the system of record for all third party reporting and compliance requirements.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Reporting
    • Coordinating, communicating, and obtaining approvals
    • Manage the reporting schedules and data
    • Sending reminders to the source team regarding the specific program and specific compliance requirements that are due to meet the corresponding due dates to the third parties
    • Reviewing materials received to ensure they are complete and meet all of the requirements of the third party agreements regarding what is due and getting corrected or updated information if it is needed
    • Obtaining approvals or certifications from the CFO or CEO
    • Submitting complete reports to the proper contact of each third party, on a timely basis 
  • Legal Document review and related meetings
    • Attending meetings to thoroughly understand new programs, partnerships, debt products, grants, etc. 
    • Reading legal documents to determine all reporting requirements (i.e. financial and loan related) and making sure those are captured in the system (currently Excel)
    • Gather individuals responsible for the development of the information that is required to be reported and clearly outline and document responsibilities going forward
    • If needed, develop the format that will house the information owed to the third party. 
    • Keep track and ensure we have in place the original signed program documents and they are imaged and housed in designated area easily accessible to all users
  • Developing and running system reports
    • For certain lending programs, develop reports and run them for each reporting period.  This requires an understanding of what elements are required to be reported and that all new data is captured in the report for the period it is run.  This also requires an understanding of the CARP system and the data housed in it.  Build a number of data points in compliance and reporting system (Salesforce) that will be used to generate reports for internal and external use such as original amount, purpose, availability, maturity, defaults, prepayment, etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • College degree
  • 5 years of experience in reporting and compliance, or related field
  • MS Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)
  • Familiarity with various databases and imaging systems and experience with Salesforce a plus. 
  • Proven success at managing multiple priorities in a project management environment where materials need to be collected or produced within strict due dates. 
  • Ability to read and decipher legal documents to determine requirements related to compliance and reporting. 
  • Ability to determine how to build the process by which information will be developed and reported for each new reporting relationship. 
  • Ability to work independently, manage time efficiently, be detail oriented and understand an environment of due dates. 
  • Must have good communication and organizational skills and ability work in a team environment.

If you would like to apply for this position, please submit your resume to ncbvajobs@ncb.coop.