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Assistant Branch Manager - Wilmington

Position: Assistant Branch Manager - Wilmington 

Location: Hillsboro, OH

Nature and Scope: Day to day management of teller staff including, but not limited to: scheduling, customer contact, opening new accounts, marketing, phone calls, teller/customer issues that may arise, handling customer problems or concerns.  Responsible for vault transactions including incoming and outgoing cash shipments, buys and sells.  Responsible for security of the branch.  Solicitation of business to potential, new and existing customers on a retail level.  Build and maintain other business relationships and product delivery channels.  Originate and market loan products for local Ohio market area.  Mentor and advice staff on a daily operations and cross-selling opportunities.

Responsibilities Include:  

  • Assistant Manager functions include the following responsibilities: Security and safety of the branch; completion of monthly branch schedule, utilizing staff efficiently for all branch operations; coordinating teller meetings; completing monthly assistant manager/head teller checklist completely and accurately, including random cash audits for each CSR, vault and ATM; providing assistance to tellers with difficult customers or transactions; maintaining vault transactions and ensure balancing daily; ensuring ATM is filled with adequate cash/vault; ensuring cash orders are correct, timely and accurate; organizing teller lunch schedules; tracking employee leaves of absence; creating monthly benchmarking reports and audit checklists; ensuring all new accounts are opened properly and verified timely for audit purposes; completing wire transactions; public funds record keeping; maintaining child support records and transactions; contacting customers for excessive overdrafts and completing documentation; processing charge-offs and completing documentation; ensuring all projects/assignments are completed timely and accurately; managing CD maturity call lists/new account calls, overdraft calls; generating new business; explaining products and services offered to new/existing/potential customers; mentoring staff on cross-selling opportunities; opening new accounts offered by NCB, including IRA accounts; promoting team spirit with employees; overseeing staff performance as it relates to customer service to maintain satisfactory levels; ensuring customers are greeted properly by all staff/customer engagement; completing wire transactions; assisting staff with questions/issues/concerns; ensuring all end-of-day processing is complete and accurate; ensuring all brochures are current and branch has an adequate supply (includes all supplies); managing the office in the absence of the Branch Manager; informing the Branch Manager of any new or recurring customer or employee situation that needs attention; DR testing; approving timecards and providing feedback on DNA and ant issues/questions on the system.
  • Teller Operations functions include the following responsibilities: Receiving deposits/withdrawals and ensuring that all accounts are properly processed; explaining available financial products and services; completing documents for special services such as direct deposits, savings bonds, traveler's checks, cash advances, gift cards, etc.; providing complete account information to customers in a  timely manner; opening and maintaining accounts offered by NCB, including IRAs and provide detailed information on IRA accounts; processing safe deposit box transactions; cross-selling products and services to generate new business to existing/new/potential customers; cashing checks and processing withdrawals or transfers; receiving checks and cash for deposit or payments; maintaining cash supply within prescribed cash transfer slips; balancing currency, coin and checks at the end of the day; handling drive-up transactions rotating with other tellers; performing file maintenance, processing account holds, filing; assisting in logging and processing night depository/ATM transactions; providing assistance in bank mailing transactions and other duties as necessary or assigned.
  • Policy, procedures, regulatory compliance training functions include the following responsibilities: Completing training as assigned by the Regional Branch Manager or Compliance Officer; assisting employee with max plan preparation, ensuring all employees have completed compliance classes and are cross trained; reviewing and following NCB policies and procedures; being knowledgeable and up-to-date on all regulatory compliance issues as it related to teller duties.
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Associates degree in business or related field preferred
  • Banking experience of 1-2 years required
  • Management experience preferred
  • Cash handling experience required
  • Lending, accounting and sales experience preferred
  • Microsoft Word and Excel experience
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to multitask 
  • Flexibility in schedule
If you would like to apply for this position, please submit your resume to ncbohjobs@ncb.coop