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AVP, Business Development Officer

Position: AVP, Business Development Officer

Location: Hillsboro, OH

 Nature & Scope: To support the portfolio management, relationship management and business development activities of the Bank’s commercial, residential and consumer lending activities in Ohio in alignment of the goals of the Local Lending team.

 Responsibilities Include: 

  • Serve as primary or secondary contact as assigned by the BDO’s.
  • Prepare credit memos in accordance to lending policies, including underwriting/financial analysis, for new and renewal commercial and agricultural credit requests.
  • Prepare annual credit reviews for credits $250M - $500M for review by BDO and loan review team.
  • Prepare quarterly Criticized and Watch memos as assigned by the BDO’s.
  • Assist in the financial reporting management of the current Ohio commercial/agricultural loan portfolio.
  • Address borrower requests for loan modifications or restructures/refinances by making recommendations through the appropriate credit approval channels or through a re
  • Prepare triage memo/underwriting and/or present requests through the appropriate credit approval channels per the BDO’s request.
  • ferral/transfer to risk management.
  • Work collaboratively with BDO’s and loan review team to respond to questions and resolve exceptions noted in the Ohio local loan examinations.
  • Prepare loan proposals and commitment letters per the BDO’s request.
  • Manage approved loan requests through to closing. To include coordination with loan processor for Appraisals, title exams, UCC searches, Insurance approvals and review of closing documents as assigned by the BDO’s.
  • Perform loan closings as assigned by the BDO’s.
  • Outside calling efforts to identify new lending opportunities. This may include participating in client/prospect calls with the BDO’s or individually and attending local events with the BDO’s or individually.
  • Attend in house and outside training and webinars to keep abreast of changes in policies and or regulations as they relate to local loan originations.
  • Assist the BDO with project team tasks as needed.
  • Work on special projects as assigned by the BDO’s.
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Three to five years lending experience in real estate, commercial and consumer lending required
  • Cash flow and financial analysis experience required
  • Knowledge of credit administration required
  • Outside sales experience preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of loan documentation process preferred
If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to ncbohjobs@ncb.coop.