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Senior Loan Review Analyst(2)

Position: Senior Loan Review Analyst
Location: Crystal City, VA
Nature & Scope: Senior Loan Review Analyst position exists to assist the Loan Review Manager, in the day to day responsibilities of the Loan Review Team, specifically, the Team’s overall responsibility for reviewing NCB’s various credits to ensure that lending practices conform with established policy, credits are properly risk rated, reserves are correctly allocated, and loan losses are minimized.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Perform lending unit examinations covering all commercial and real estate loans, letters of credit, leases, and any other credit exposure for the purpose of assessing adequacy of risk ratings assigned, identifying potential or existing credit problems, and ensuring conformity with lending policies and guidelines.
  • Generate periodic credit quality reports and graphic presentations relating to volume, quality assessment, and delinquency for review by senior management and board members for the ongoing evaluation of portfolio credit quality and loan loss reserve adequacy.
  • Perform tasks related to the examination function including sample selection, review of credit worksheets completed by other analysts, and preparation of reports conveying the results of Loan Review examinations.  Such reports will identify and describe the weaknesses noted during the examination (i.e., underwriting, monitoring, collateral, and documentation), provide support for decisions to upgrade or downgrade loans during the examination, and render a conclusion on the portfolio examined, as well as make recommendations for the improvement of the lending unit’s underwriting and credit administration processes.
  • Perform ongoing supervision and provide industry analysis of those industries present and planned at NCB in loan portfolios.  Assist manager in TDR determinations and impairment analysis (FAS 5 versus FAS 114).  Present information and findings to Management and the Board as necessary.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelors degree in Finance, Accounting or Business
  • Strong analytical skills and 2-3 years as a Federal bank examiner, credit or loan review analyst, or commercial bank lender
  • A high level of proficiency in: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Moody's Financial Analyst
  • Must be able to organize thoughts logically for clear, concise reports of examination, procedural memoranda, emails, and other written communications
  • Ability to communicate effectively with loan officers and Senior Management
If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to ncbvajobs@ncb.coop.