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Credit Analyst, Corporate Banking

Position:  Credit Analyst, Corporate Banking 

Location:  Crystal City, VA

Nature & Scope:  This job provides the primary support for underwriting of new deals as well as existing portfolio customers, vendors, CRA-related investments as well as underwriting of new program initiatives and risk assessment of non-lending transactions (ACH, RDC, etc.). 

Responsibilities Include:  

  • Underwriting/credit analysis of prospective programs and renewals, including those related to financial services and credit union industry. Analyze historical financial statements and projections, determine risks and mitigants, outline the background of the Borrower and conduct industry and competitive analysis. Utilize models to evaluate the strength of borrower’s cash flow and its ability to provide for primary and secondary sources of repayment, as well as models to assess refinance risk.  For transaction involving individual guarantors, underwrite their financial strength, including the analysis of personal financial statements and personal/corporate tax returns. 
  • Perform business and financial analysis needed for amendments, extensions and covenant waivers. Provide general review of the overall bank relationship with the customer, perform trend analysis and covenant compliance calculations. Provide recommendations for risk ratings to be communicated to BDOs, risk management and other internal teams. On as needed basis, assist with amendments and preparation/review of documents. Assist in completing annual reviews of the commercial portfolio. 
  • Complete analysis related to depository and non-lending customers. Understand bank's policy in regard to ACH, RDC and other non-lending transactions. Work closely with Deposit Production and Deposition Operations teams, Ohio teams and Risk management in formulating and implementing guidelines in managing risks related to cash management.
  • Complete financial analysis of vendors. Perform credit analysis and annual reviews of companies and financial institutions with which NCB has CRA- or Mission-related relationship. Assist with preparation of Mission related reports. 
  • Special Projects/Other: Provide portfolio and industry analysis as necessary and other tasks as requested by the manager.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in a business related field (accounting, finance, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of computer business applications (word processing and spreadsheet applications)
  • 2-4 years relevant hands on credit analysis experience
  • Small Business Association (SBA) and financial services industry experience is a plus. 
  • The candidate should be familiar with the workings of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.
If you would like to apply for this position, please submit your resume to ncbvajobs@ncb.coop.