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Your Choices Reflect Your Values. Your Bank Should Too.

For 40 years, National Cooperative Bank has served businesses that seek to make a positive local impact, because we believe it's simply the right thing to do.

 Since our founding, NCB has an uncommon mandate to ensure our efforts benefit those most in need, supporting low-income communities and the expansion of cooperative initiatives. With this guiding principle, we contribute to the building blocks of sustainable communities: investing in clean energy, small businesses and affordable housing, expanding access to healthy food and affordable health care, plus much more.

Our Mission

NCB’s mission is to support and be an advocate for America’s cooperatives and their members, especially in low-income communities, by providing innovative financial and related services.

Green Star Grocery Co Op
Colonial Estates Co-Op

Our Customers

NCB’s customers are cooperatives, such as grocery wholesaler co-ops, food co-ops, purchasing co-ops, credit unions or housing co-ops. Other customers share in the spirit of cooperation, driven by democratic organizing principles. They may be Native American enterprises, which by their very nature are member-run and member-owned. Others may be community health centers or non-profit organizations driven entirely by community needs. What they all have in common is a single fundamental principle- they have joined together cooperatively to meet personal, social, and/or business needs. 

Board of Directors

Wilson Beebe, Former President
Wilson Beebe
Former President
Thanexus, Inc.
Wall Township, NJ
Robyn DesHotel , Chief Financial Officer
Robyn DesHotel
Chief Financial Officer
National Co-op Grocers
St. Paul, MN
Marc Friedman, Chief Financial Officer
Marc Friedman
Chief Financial Officer
A Few Cool Hardware Stores
Washington, DC
Paul Hazen, Executive Director
Paul Hazen
Executive Director
U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council, Inc.
Washington, DC
Janis Herschkowitz, Former President and Chief Executive Officer
Janis Herschkowitz
Former President and Chief Executive Officer
PRL, Inc.
Cornwall, PA
Debra Huddleston,  NCB Board Vice Chair, Partner
Debra Huddleston
NCB Board Vice Chair, Partner
Ajax Partners
New York, NY
Patrick Jury, Principal
Patrick Jury
Patrick S. Jury, Advisor, LLC
Des Moines, IA
Andrea Levere, Former President
Andrea Levere
Former President
Prosperity Now (Formerly CFED)
Washington, DC
Christine Neal, Former Chief Financial Officer
Christine Neal
Former Chief Financial Officer
Unified Grocers
Commerce, CA
Brian Obergfell, Chairman and Partner
Brian Obergfell
Chairman and Partner
Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP
New York, NY
Andrew Reicher, Executive Director
Andrew Reicher
Executive Director
New York, NY
Maurice Smith , NCB Board  Chair, <br>President
Maurice Smith
NCB Board Chair,
Local Government Federal Credit Union
Raleigh, NC
Jennifer Smith Dolin, Regional Vice President
Jennifer Smith Dolin
Regional Vice President
Mercy Housing, California
San Francisco, CA
David B. Vliet, Chief Executive Officer
David B. Vliet
Chief Executive Officer
LifeLong Medical Care
Berkeley, CA


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* National Cooperative Bank, N.A. Board Member

Executive Council

Patrick N. Connealy, Chief Customer Advocacy Officer
Patrick N. Connealy
Chief Customer Advocacy Officer
Casey Fannon, President
Casey Fannon
Chris Goettke, Ohio Co-President
Chris Goettke
Ohio Co-President
Michele Fantt Harris, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Michele Fantt Harris
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Shaun Kelley, Chief Credit Officer
Shaun Kelley
Chief Credit Officer
Thomas Klump, Chief Information Officer
Thomas Klump
Chief Information Officer
Kathleen H. Luzik, Chief Operating Officer
Kathleen H. Luzik
Chief Operating Officer
Chad Oppenheimer, General Counsel
Chad Oppenheimer
General Counsel
Richard L. Reed, Chief Financial Officer
Richard L. Reed
Chief Financial Officer
Charles E. Snyder,  CEO
Charles E. Snyder


No items currently match your filtering criteria.

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